Jaycee Group Bangladesh is a renowned group of companies in Bangladesh, continuing their business since 1977 in different industries considering different products and services demands in the country.


We are providing Agency services to the vessels of different Principals handling Tramp and Liner Vessels and earned good name, fame and confidence of the Owners/Principals. Considering our performance in shipping sector the Jaycee Group of Company enter into a golden Era in business world by receiving the Century International Quality Era Award – 2004(Golden Category) in Shipping business at Geneva Switzerland on 5th April, 2004.


We provide services as one of the leading A-Category C&F Agents at Chittagong and Mongla Port and Customs since 1977. Rendering the business with efficient and experienced Executives and Custom/JettySirkar with the local Government,Semi-government, Autonomous bodies and with many other private sectors. Such as :-

1) Working as enlisted C&F Agents for Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation(BCIC),Chittagong since 1983.
2) Working as C&F Agents for M/s. Niagara Textiles Ltd., Dhaka.
3) Working as C&F Agents for M/s. Win Wear Ltd., Dhaka.
4) Worked as enlisted C&F Agents for M/s. Steel Mills Ltd.,Chittagongt for the year 1986-1988
5) Worked as enlisted C&F Agents for M/s. Eastern Refinery Limited, Chittagong for the year 1987-1988.
6) Many other private sectors/parties.


Our Transportation sector is playing a vital role in the inland carrying in Water territories of Bangladesh. We are carrying a good quantity of about 1.5 lac tons in a year of import cargo to the Inland River ports of our country with our own 3 (three)nos. L/vessels and charter vessels.

UNITED TRADING COMPANY :- Stevedore/Berth Operator # 4

Working as Enlisted Master Stevedore now as Berth Operator in Chittagong Port (CPA) since 1983 and Mongla Port (MPA) since 1977 with entire satisfaction to the Principals. Our main motto is to serve our Principal with our sincere and cordial efforts to attain their entire satisfaction.
1) Possessed Pay Loader 1(One) Big and 1(one) small = 2(two) Pay loader
2) Possessed about 12,000 sq.ft. Open space under boundary at Agrabad Access Road.
3) Project cargo handling of vessels loading/unloading all gears and equipments.

CHITTAGONG MARINE DOCKYARD:- As Ship Builders & Repair Services

This high demand of Ship Building business in Bangladesh makes the group decided to come to this business. That’s why at the beginning of 2009 Jaycee Group Bangladesh has decided to add up this sector to Jaycee group of companies. Finally August, 2009 start the operation of shipbuilding and named the company Chittagong Marine Dockyard.
Our management team, which consists of the chairman, Managing Director and all department heads, meet daily to address and maintain safety in the yard, identify any production problems and set priorities for manpower, material status and facilities utilization.
Chittagong Marine Dockyard is proud to provide our customers with high quality marine repair held to the highest standards of our quality assurance department. We at Chittagong Marine Dockyard supply our customers with services trough Most qualified & experienced personal are leading a workforce in the section of lofting, welding, erection, fitting. Woodworking, mechanical works, electrical works, painting and quality control, and thus producing modern quality vessels. The in house computer Aided Design office provides designs & drawings to the Dockyard.
The company’s purpose is to build vessels to provide high product quality along with superior customer service. Our clients count on us up to the highest standard through personalized service in Chittagong Marine Dockyard pursuit of excellence. Every vessel is hand fabricate to excellence.